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Finding the Right Property Management Company in Boise

Property management Boise

Selecting the right property management company can be challenging. Selecting the right property manager for your Boise rental will make a huge difference in keeping your residential property rented and preserved. For this reason, it pays to be highly selective when choosing the right company. All property management companies claim to do an excellent job […]

Reducing Unit Turnover Time and Costs

Best Property management Pocatello Idaho

If you own an investment property, you know that tenant turnover can be costly. Between cleaning and repairs, the cost of finding a new tenant, and the loss of rental income for each day the property sits vacant, tenant turnover can quickly take a chunk out of your profits for your property. While the best […]

Key Responsibilities of a Property Manager

Property Management Idaho | Rooftop Real Estate

If you are considering hiring a property management company to manage your investment properties, you may not understand what services a property manager provides and what they are generally responsible for. You know that they will fill vacancies, collect rent, and handle any maintenance requests, but what else do they do? A good property manager […]

Benefits of Working With a Property Management Company

Best Property manager in Idaho

If you are entering the property investment arena or are struggling to meet the demands of your existing rental properties, you may have considered hiring a property management company to manage the day-to-day operations for you. This is not a bad idea, and while it is an added cost, hiring the right property manager can […]

Purchasing an Investment Property in Idaho

property management Idaho

Investment properties in Idaho can be a great way to earn extra income, and with interest rates at historically low levels many people may be considering purchasing their first rental property, purchasing additional rental properties, or they may choose to move into a new home and use their existing home as a rental property. Rooftop […]

Owners Benefit by Offering Furnished Apartments in Pocatello

Furnished Apartments Pocatello | Property Management Idaho

Rooftop Real Estate in Pocatello, Idaho offers furnished apartments. This cost-effect option for renters has huge appeal and give properties management by Rooftop Real Estate the edge in the market.   Furnished apartments in Pocatello are perfect the a community that is growing and has a need for convenient and comfortable apartments for the executive […]

Should I Allow Pets at my Rental Property?

Property Management Idaho | Rooftop

Whether you should allow tenants to have pets is one of the most commonly asked questions property owners pose to property management companies. The decision is ultimately yours, and there are pros and cons for either allowing or not allowing pets in your rental property. Many property owners are concerned that by allowing pets, their […]

Should Property Owners Require Tenants to have Renters Insurance?

Property Management Idaho

This is a good question! Requiring tenants to purchase renters insurance is a growing trend in the property management industry. At Rooftop Real Estate we believe there are several good reasons to require your tenants in Idaho to have renters insurance. Plus, requiring a policy will help protect you, the property owner, as well as […]

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